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It all started with a inspiration to all those Sajjana's of ITI establishment in 1971, when they served as volunteers in the function marking the 300th year celebration of Sri Raghavendra Teertha's Brindavana Pravesha; which was chaired by Sri Sujayeendra Teertha Sripada, the then Mathaadeesharu of Mantraalaya Rayara Mutt in Bangalore. That is how the noble idea of constructing a temple with an Mrithika Brindavan of Sri Rayaru in Doorvaninagar locality started off. Tava Sankeerthanam Veda Shaashtraartha Gnana Siddhaye...

These noble people involved H.M. SeethaRama Rao, R.G. Anantha Rao, H.N. Narayana Rao and other such Civil engineers and contractors of ITI organization with building plan and technical guidance from late K.N. SundarRam, under the leadership of C.S.S Rao, the then General Manager of ITI company. After a little search for suitable place for this religious cause, it was decided that the Brindavan should be installed in the vacant, beautiful and peaceful land besides the Ganesha temple inside Doorvaninagar colony itself. Thanks to the Administration of Sri Siddhi Vinaya temple for helping this noble cause, to get realized.

The rituals of laying foundation stone was done by B.K. Anantha Raman, the then President of ITI. People who also should be remembered through this media are, Sri MuniVenkattappa, the famous civil contractor of ITI company who beared all the expenses towards the construction of Garbha Gudi, Sri Ramkumar Gupta, Sri Nagappa, and Sri Vijayeendra who led from front the complete construction work. Special thanks to Sri Puttannaacharya, for carving beautiful and lively statures of lord Rama along with Mata Sita, Sri Lakshmana and Sri Anjaneya. Utsava Murthy Sri PrahladaRaaja was carved by country's well-known artist Sri Shyaamachar.

In the meantime, the Moola Mrithaka, to be used in the 'Prathishtaapana' was received by Sri Narayana Rao and Sri C.S.S. Rao from his holy highness Sri Sujayeendra Teertharu, which was kept on top of Sri Rayara Moola Brindavana for 43 full days with all ritual and pooja sevas performed to it.

he Moola Mritthika was received from Sri Sujayeendra Teertha on Chaitra Shukla Pournami of the year 1973. A team of volunteers to carry the Moola Mritthika to Doorvaninagar, Bangalore by foot as per tradition was formed involving Sri Sreedhar Shashtry, Sri Narayana Rao under the leadership of Vidwaan Sri Aiyyachita Deerendraacharya. The team which marched towards Bangalore on foot under the complete blessings of Sri Moola Rama, successfully entered Doorvaningar on the day of holy Akshaya Tririya in 1973 "Pangu-Kanjobhi-Vaajana"...

Under the holy presence of Sri SathyaNidhi Teertharu of Mulubaagilu Mutt, the Prathishtaapana Mahotsava of Mrithaka Brindavana was done on Shravana, Krishna Paksha, Dwiteeya of the year 1973. Around 36 LakshmiNarasimha Saaligramas collected from Kukke Subramanya Mutt, number of Chakraankita Sudarshanas and holy idols were kept inside the holy Brindavana along with the Moola Mrithhike brought from Mantralaya. Also, the Pratishtaapane of Sri Moola Rama and family were done on the day. To mark his presence, Sri SathyaNidhi Teertharu also placed a statue of Sri Rama in dancing pose, on top of the holy Brindavana, which showered his blessings on all the 'Aastika Bhakta Vrinda' present and is being experience and cherished to date "Saakshi Hayaa Sthothrahi"

Thus begin a new chapter in the life of all those who resided in and around Doorvaninagar; who were eager to serve this 'Kaliyuga-Kamadhenu' and make their souls sacred. Starting that day, the Aaaraadhane of Sri Rayaru is being celebrated with increased enthusiasm and dedication year after year. The fact that 'Ramkam Karothi Raajaanam' is realized by serving Sri Rayaru who is equally present in Doorvaningar Mutt, itself speaks in volumes of his blessings to we 'Paamara-Jeevigalu' who are 'everywhere-from-nowhere' after getting showers of his holy blessings.

Currently, the Sri Mutt is performing its daily activities under the able administration headed by Sri Sira.G.Rao, Sri H.N. Narayana Rao, Sri Sathyanarayana Udupa, Sri. H.B. Venkarataramana Rao, Sri K. Parthasarathy, Sri. Madhava Rao, Sri. Gururajan, Sri.Gopalakrishna, Sri Anantapadmanabha Rao, and many other senior members who have and are rending their sevas in the form of 'Thanu-Mana-Dhana' at the lotus feet of Sri Rama and Sri Rayaru.

Doorvaningar Rayara Mutt is also equally into remembering all other Madhwa saints and Daasaru by celebrating their Aaaradhane function every year, to name a few are; Sri Jayatheertharu, Sri Sripaada Raajaru, Sri VyasaRajaru, Sri Sudheendra Theertharu and others. Also, special pooja sevas and Alankara on the day of Akshya Tritheeya is a treat to watch in itself. The 'Taila-Abhyanjana' to Sri Rama on the eve of Ugadi is worth watching. The Rathothsava on every Thursday evening is a 'must-see'. All people keenly await the 'Laksha Ashttottara' of Sri Raghavendra Stotra during Navarathri for the whole year. The celebration of Purandara Daarasara Aaraadhane by organizing three-day musical concert by music Vidhwaans brings heaven down on to earth with the songs making people float in the sea of immense devotion.

The Gnana Yagna is also equally performed on all these Aaaradhana and festival days by organizing 'Upanyaasa' by 'Pundits' invited from top level Mutts and Vidya Peetas.

Doorvaningar Mutt with the blessings of Sri Rayaru today has immense manpower support from both veterans and youngsters of this generation, who are eager to serve the temple and make their life 'Paavana'. The team of volunteers, who are both male and females, gives a family look and the coordination & cooperation is really worth benchmarking.

The Sri Mutt also has a group of lady volunteers who also are the members of Sri Vijaya Bhajana Mandali, a cluster dedicated to spread Daasa-Saahitya among common people. They also participate in religious quiz competitions held at state and national level and have won awards representing our temple.

Sri Mutt also has an excellent team of Archaka Vrinda headed by Sri Jitendracharya Rajapurohitha and Sri Srinivasacharya who have devoted their life to the seva of Sri Rayaru along with their family members. The Mutt also sees golden men in Sri Badari who act as the Bheemasena for preparing 'Nithya-Hasthodaka' to Sri Rayaru and last but not the least, Sri Nagaraj, our Sri Mutt's Manager is as energetic and dedicated as ever in efficiently handling all the day-to-day activities including the ease with which he handles the pressure situations on the days of special functions and Aarradhana

The fact that this website is organized and hosted by the Sri Mutt Sevakas who have travelled across seas and settled down there due to work pressure speaks in volumes of the cohesiveness and motivation that exits among its committee members and young volunteers, who inspite of their busy schedules involve themselves in this 'Bhakthi-Prachara' program. "Apekshitha Pradaataanyo Raghavenraanna Vidyathe"....

The Mutt prays to Sri Raghvenra Teerthanthargatha... Sri Moola Rama Chandra Swami to bless one and all and shower the blessings of 'Gnana-Bhakthi-Aayuraarogya' and help all of us to continue to serve them better in the coming years.

Sarve Janaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu...

Guru Sri Raghavenra Twaamaha Sharanam-Gatham
Aayuroorogya Aishvaryam Dathwaathwam Raksharakshmaam...